Smart Meters–RFID and Radiation

Smart Meters–RFID and Radiation 

By: T. Epley


Edison, my power company, sent me a small letter informing me of the switch to their Smart Meter. Edison noted that these devices would be able to tell me to the minute how much energy I am using at a 1.6% increase in my bill. I had called them and asked for the studies done on these RDIF [sic] devices. They told me that I can find them on the web, so I looked. I am finding that these devices are dangerous to us all because the amount of Ionizing radiation that is being transmitted as little as every 4 seconds (every 4 minutes on average) on the other side of the wall. Besides that, little research has been done on these products, and no long-term effects have been noted—because they have not researched long-term use—and none of the research is finable [sic] on the web.

Past evidence has shown that radiation can break down DNA, and ionizing radiation is no different with recent studies. While in an x-ray, the technicians shield themselves from the constant radiation, while you might only get an x-ray or two for moths to years in between x-ray visits. Why would we put something on the side of our house that can have the same damage as an x-ray? Remember: it pings at least every 4 minutes with no shield into your room, your home, and your children’s’ room. These effects are cumulative and are as bad as DDT and engine exhaust. Thousands have complained from PG&E Smart Meters radiation. Everything from headaches and dizziness to insomnia and ringing in the ears when the Smart Meter pings have been reported…

via Smart Meters–RFID and Radiation.


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