Yet another Bank of America loan modification gone wrong…

Yet another Bank of America loan modification gone wrong…

by Rob & Ana vs Bank of America on Monday, August 29, 2011 at 11:15am

“Now thinking there will long be no shortage of these horror stories. We noticed over the weekend a big Media push to embrace the banks actions of demolishing vacant, foreclosed homes. What none are reporting is how, many of these homes became vacant, major banks & mortgage companies are often by illegal means throwing homeowners out without the documentation legally required to do so (see Robo-signer Linda Green).

City, County, State and Federal officials are going along with these oft criminal actions, many sheriffs dept’s nationwide standing by…illegally entering homes, guns drawn on the word of a bank representative, presenting fraudulent documentation to enforce a foreclosure. When homeowners one day come together and compare notes, they’ll soon discover that they’ve been evicted and their perfectly good homes demolished illegally.

Our point being that from what we’re seeing here on the local countywide level is a governmental structure blind to the proven facts, aiding and abetting in the theft of many homes and property. The legal liability when attorneys get a hold of this will be HUGE, probably big enough to cause many, many more City’s & Counties to file bankruptcy.

Not to mention the economic terrorism inflicted on homeowners forced out into streets illegally, with nowhere to go, becoming yet another burden on a social safety net on the verge of collapse.”

via Yet another Bank of America loan modification gone wrong… (69).

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