America sues Wall Street

America sues Wall Street

Published: 03 September, 2011, 00:44

Wall Street is facing scrutiny over improper practices.

Lawsuits expected to be filed soon will aim to take the big banks off of Wall Street and into the court house.


Nader Naeimi of AMP Capital Investors Ltd adds that “Bank of America, being at the epicenter of these problems, is going to get smashed.”

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BREAKING: Leaked Rove email singles out Daily Kos

SAT AUG 27, 2011 AT 12:56 PM PDT

BREAKING: Leaked Rove email singles out Daily Kos

byMy Left Behind

“Anonymous” has struck again, this time leaking a confidential internal directive from Karl Rove’s shadowy, billionaire-funded American Crossroads GPS outfit.  It allows a rare glimpse into the inner workings of the Rove machine.  Daily Kos is specifically mentioned more than once.  I have posted the email here in its entirety.  It’s pretty chilling stuff.

via Daily Kos: BREAKING: Leaked Rove email singles out Daily Kos.

20 Lies Every American Should Know!

20 Lies Every American Should Know!

Uploaded by MrChrisMcPhail2 on Jan 23, 2011

Even if you “know all this New World Order stuff” already it’s very much worth watching. I’ve been aware of all of the topics for about a decade but I still learned a few new things. If the narration style bothers you, you’ll get used to it. 😉 I learned to like her dry, sarcastic style, “Looookitup.”

via 20 Lies Every American Should Know! – YouTube.

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