With Occupy Amsterdam Starting On Saturday, The Skies Over Holland Are Filled With Chemtrails!

14 October 2011

Today, the skies over Holland got sprayed like crazy with an amazing amount of chemtrails. People from all over the country have been reporting that they’ve never seen anything like this.

Having the Occupy Amsterdam ‘protests’ starting on Saturday, the prospect seems a desperate attempt to influence this coming higher awareness by spraying a blanket of aluminum and radioactive barium all over the country. Yet why would ‘they’ do this and who are ‘they’?

After the moratorium on all forms of geoengineering was established at the UN summit on the Convention On Biologic Diversity last year, the spraying of chemtrails seemed to come to a stop. Shortly afterwards planes began spraying again, but it was done less than before.

The last peak occured on Friday, September 14. Only this time the chemtrails no longer discern patterns, it seems they form a big blanket, just like they do now (see pictures below).


“Near the day of the Great Purification, there will be cobwebs spun back and forth in the sky.” ~ pre-Columbian Hopi prophecy

The inside military codeword for the pilots who man the planes that spray the chemtrails is “Sky Spiders”.

The WeatherSpace recently published news that only 240,000 people worldwide are aware of the existence of chemtrails. The vast majority of people do not know what chemtrails are, let alone what they do.

A lot of people might also not believe in the existence of chemtrails.. I ask them to explain where the increase in aluminum (scientifically measured in air) comes from right after a ‘spraying session’, every single time? And why is radioactive barium a ‘secret’ jet fuel additive?

Please take a ride on the Google train yourself and take the liberty to search for more information on chemtrails, there is really something strange to them.

A short clip can be found here.

Taken by Stefan:

Source: Niburu.nl


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