How German Customs Defuses A Bomb

Fortunately, for the national security of Germany, it was not a bomb. It was a computer. Unfortunately, they apparently couldn’t tell the difference. Personally, I wouldn’t want them taking my bomb apart and trying to put it back together. 😉 Heh.

Behold, a happily functional collection of delicately assembled parts:


After being molested in German Customs for four days it became:




I can’t imagine what kind of person(s) would deliberately do such a thing. Essentially, the motherboard was unscrewed; necessary parts were lost; the processor was ripped from its socket then attempted to be crushed back in; the video card was forcefully ripped from its slot; and the motherboard and video card were simply tossed back in the case as if it were a lady’s handbag or something. No care in handling was taken during this unnecessary inspection. No attempt was made to re-assemble anything.

The computer was insured for the value of its parts ($350). I paid approximately $120 to ship it Express Mail. Ironically, this package did not even enter U.S. Customs. The recipient of this gift was required to pay a tax of 37 Euros (approximately $47) just to acquire a box of broken parts … and broken dreams.

Is there a God? The answer comes back, definitively, no. There are only humans that choose to do evil things. Don’t be discouraged. Just be good.

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