America’s unemployment gets even worse

America’s unemployment gets even worse

Published: 02 September, 2011, 19:45
Edited: 03 September, 2011, 01:16

“As Americans gear up for a three day weekend with Labor Day approaching on Monday, the millions that have been jobless for months will see no reason to celebrate as the latest figures show zero growth in employment for August….”

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America sues Wall Street

America sues Wall Street

Published: 03 September, 2011, 00:44

Wall Street is facing scrutiny over improper practices.

Lawsuits expected to be filed soon will aim to take the big banks off of Wall Street and into the court house.


Nader Naeimi of AMP Capital Investors Ltd adds that “Bank of America, being at the epicenter of these problems, is going to get smashed.”

via America sues Wall Street — RT.

Ron Paul on Defending Health Freedom and Civil Liberties

Why is the Media Ignoring this Presidential Candidate? A Personal Interview
Posted By Dr. Mercola | August 28 2011

“For the most part I am a political atheist.  I was equally critical of President Clinton, Bush and Obama, yet it is hard to avoid the enormous influence that politics has on our life. My belief is that the US has unfortunately been gradually merging corporate influence into government regulations which is terrific for the corporations but an unmitigated disaster for most people.  In my view this is one of the foundational issues that is contributing to the pervasive influence of the conventional medical model.

The last thing I want to spend my time on is sharing my political views (and some people will always criticize me when I do), and I want to make it clear that I really do not care about the political parties. That said, it’s clear that our health is being severely harmed by the federal government and the corporate favoritism they display, and this concerns me a great deal. We are now at the point where you can’t make a statement about the health benefit of a food without it being considered a drug; and genetically modified foods are unique enough to hold patents, yet this is kept hidden from you and not declared on the food label because they know you probably wouldn’t buy it if you knew what it was. Other areas that now require you to take control of your own health and not let the federal government strip you of your health freedom include:

Water fluoridation

Right to buy, sell, and consume raw milk

Mercury amalgams in dentistry

Mandatory vaccinations

One of the factors that endear Dr. Ron Paul to me is the fact that he’s a medical doctor, and he has a record of defending health freedom and promoting health in general. It’s a quality that few other politicians have. He serves as an excellent role model for healthy living and preventive medicine, and leads by example.”

via Ron Paul on Defending Health Freedom and Civil Liberties.

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