Gregg Braden on Curing Cancer using our own Technology of Emotion

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Gregg Braden presents a video showing cancer being cured in less than 3 minutes using the language of emotion. Using the technology of emotion that’s inside all of us and mirror that expectation to the field that’s all around us. You must feel the feeling as if it has already happened.

These clips are from a presentation called “Language of the Divine Matrix” recorded in Italy, May 30th 2007.

Gregg Braden on Curing Cancer using our own Technology of Emotion – YouTube.


A Smart Heart

FACT: There are over 40,000 neurons in the heart, as many as are found in various subcortical centers of the brain.

The following scientifically-proven technique is from the acclaimed work of The Institute of HeartMath in their book “The HeartMath Solution” by Doc Childre and Howard Martin.

This tool is designed to prevent and release stress (by stopping inefficient reactions in the moment) and provide a new window of opportunity for new, unique perspectives.

The Freeze-Frame technique:

Recognize the feeling of stress and take a time-out.

1. Shift your mental focus to the area around your heart. Pretend you’re breathing through your heart. This will draw your breath out naturally and more steadily until you can notice when it is smooth and sustained.

2. Remember a positive feeling you’ve had (or would like to), such as appreciation or love, and experience that while focusing on your heart and breathing “through” it.

3. Keep breathing and sustain this focus for 10-20 seconds or more. (That’s it! But it is harder than you might think, so try this exercise a few times a day for maximum benefits.) 🙂

During such states of cardiac coherence, brain wave patterns have shown to entrain with heart rate variability patterns; nervous system balance and immune function are enhanced. Overall, the body functions with increased harmony.

Deep states of internal coherence generate increased order in the physical, mental, and emotional systems. Cardiovascular, immune, hormonal, and nervous systems function with heightened efficiency and are associated with reduced emotional reactivity and greater mental clarity, creativity, and adaptability.

Using sincere intuition and common sense, you may ask your heart: what would be the most efficient response to this situation and one that would minimize future stress? Listen to your heart. It’s an effective way to put reactive mind and emotions in check and an empowering way to find quick, practical life solutions.

Enable better decision making, enhance creativity, and accelerate healing by understanding your heart’s intelligence.

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