Gregg Braden on Curing Cancer using our own Technology of Emotion

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Gregg Braden presents a video showing cancer being cured in less than 3 minutes using the language of emotion. Using the technology of emotion that’s inside all of us and mirror that expectation to the field that’s all around us. You must feel the feeling as if it has already happened.

These clips are from a presentation called “Language of the Divine Matrix” recorded in Italy, May 30th 2007.

Gregg Braden on Curing Cancer using our own Technology of Emotion – YouTube.


Ron Paul Proposes Interesting Salary For Himself As President

11:11 AM ET

GREENVILLE, N.C. — Long before he discovered Friedrich Hayek and other free-market economists, Ron Paul got a lesson in sound money from his oldest brother, Bill.

It was the height of World War II, and the Paul boys were laying aside quarters from their Pittsburgh Press routes and pooling pennies earned from pulling dirty milk bottles off the line at the family dairy to buy war bonds. One day, Ronnie suggested what was, in retrospect, a rather Keynesian solution: “Why doesn’t the government just PRINT this money?”

“Well,” Bill responded, “then the money wouldn’t have any value.”

Bill was 10. Ron was about 7.

Washington bureaucrats, Paul says now, “would like it to be complicated, and that we have to accept this complex monetary system of the Federal Reserve. But it’s no more complicated than two little kids talking …”

It’s not complicated, he insists. These are the themes he has been addressing, consistently, since he entered politics in 1974, over the course of 12 terms in Congress, through his third bid for the White House: Free markets are good. The Federal Reserve is evil. The gold standard should be restored. Government is the cause, not the cure, of the nation’s troubles.

“If it tries to make us virtuous and it tries to make us better people and fairer people and make us more generous and make sure that nobody’s richer than the other person, redistribute your wealth, the ONLY way they can do that is the undermining of our personal liberties,” Paul told a raucous crowd of several hundred supporters during a recent “Restore Liberty Rally” at the Greenville Convention Center.

“And that isn’t the purpose of government. The purpose of government is exactly the opposite. The purpose of government is to protect our liberties.”

At 76, this former obstetrician has seven years on the oldest man ever to take office as president, Ronald Reagan. But where Reagan was the genial conservative, Paul is an evangelical libertarian – a prophet who preaches that the United States is flat broke, foundering under the too-great weight of a bloated bureaucracy and its imperial – albeit generally well-intentioned – foreign interventionism.

This is a man who would eliminate five of the 15 cabinet-level departments (Commerce, Education, Energy, Housing and Urban Development, and Interior – he has no problem reciting them all); recall American troops from all foreign lands, not just war zones; repeal the 16th Amendment, which created the federal income tax; reduce his own presidential salary from $400,000 to $39,336 – the median salary of an American worker.

These are not the planks of a mainstream candidate’s platform. But Paul rolls along, attracting a hard-core following and collecting millions in contributions.

How does he do it?

Perhaps it is not so complicated: He applies the lessons learned in a life that stretches back to the Depression.



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Artificial Trees: Capturing Energy from Sun and Wind

Analysis by Trace Dominguez
Sat Nov 19, 2011 09:04 AM ET

Alternative energy is all the rage as we try to reduce dependency on foreign oil and lower our monthy bills without reading by candlelight. At the head of the pack are three different technologies: wind turbines, solar panels that capture energy from sunlight and solar collectors that convert the heat from the sun into electricity. A London company combined all three into a power plant you’d want to have in your yard: an artificial tree.

The company, Solar Botanic, has created a fully artificial tree capable of generating enough electricity for a house and reduce the home owner’s dependence on the public power grid. The “trees” take advantage of the wind, light and heat they’re exposed to while outside. Solar Botanic’s website refers to these three technologies as piezovoltaic, photovoltaic and thermovoltaic, respectively.

The secret to Solar Botanic’s trees is in the leaves. Called Nanoleaves, each one functions as a tiny wind-harvesting/sunlight-gathering/heat-absorbing device. They’re green, which makes them slightly less efficient at gathering sunlight than conventional solar panels, but they do have a better consumer asthetic.

A description on Solar Botanic’s website says, “The more wind there is, the more Nanoleaves are moved.” And, “The stronger the wind, the higher the ‘flap’ frequency, and therefore the larger the watts generated.”

Plus, falling raindrops can also producing electricity by stimulating leaf movement. Though each individual movement, warmth or ray will only generate picowatts of power, hundreds of leaves on a single tree can combine to generate a siginificant wattage.

According to Solar Botanic, a broad leaf artificial tree resembling an oak or a maple could generate 3500kWh and 7000kWh per year, and an evergreen could crank out 2500kWh to 7000kWh per year.

The company said their solutions offer, “50 percent more power than conventional solar systems.” Energy gathered is stored in the trunk until it can be used by the house.

Solar Botanic has plans to create shrubs and bushes as well.

If successfully created and affordable, these trees have other added benefits versus more traditional alternative power systems: they look like trees.

Plus, as tree analogs, they could provide shade in the summer, create natural sound and visual barriers and provide decor for urban rooftops. In the future, they may even incorporate air filteration systems.

The only unanswered question is, “Can it support a tire swing?”

Image: Solar Botanic

via Artificial Trees: Capturing Energy from Sun and Wind : Discovery News.

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