Facebook Pays $40,000 To Bug Spotters

Facebook Pays $40,000 To Bug Spotters
1 Person Made More Than $7,000 For Flagging 6 Issues

By Laurie Segall

POSTED: Tuesday, August 30, 2011
UPDATED: 3:33 pm EDT August 30, 2011

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Facebook wants you to try to hack into its site — and if you succeed, it will pay you for the details.

Facebook said this week that that it has paid out more than $40,000 under its new “bug bounty” security initiative. Launched three weeks ago, Facebook’s program invites security researchers — both the professional kind and hacker hobbyists — to send it the details of any Facebook vulnerabilities that they uncover. If the report checks out, Facebook will pay a finder’s fee of at least $500.

It’s willing to go higher for extra-impressive bug spotting.

“We’ve already paid a $5,000 bounty for one really good report,” Facebook Chief Security Officer Joe Sullivan wrote in a blog post. “One person has already received more than $7,000 for six different issues flagged.”

Although the social networking has its own security team, Facebook launched its bug bounty program to tap into the collective wisdom of the site’s 750 million users.


Facebook also took pains to assure bug-hunters that it won’t take any legal action against those who submit bugs, even if they were uncovered through less-than-legal routes into Facebook’s systems.

via Facebook Pays $40,000 To Bug Spotters – Technology News Story – WDIV Detroit.



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Facebook abide by the Terms Of Service and undo the 15 day suspensions

Facebook abide by the Terms Of Service and undo the 15 day suspensions

Public Event


Monday, August 15 at 10:00pm – November 15 at 11:30pm


Your phone or your computer.

Created By Mark Szabo

Facebooks spam filtering system is affecting the everyday user. Bans for adding too many friends. Bans for sharing info with like minded individuals. Political speech is being hindered. Animal rescue groups are unable to share information to provide pets with homes. Military groups are unable to share information. Christian and other religious groups are unable to use Facebook to worship.

Time to let Facebook know this is unacceptable.

via Facebook abide by the Terms Of Service and undo the 15 day suspensions.

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