Food from the Sky Lands on North London

Food from the Sky Lands on North London

If “local” is the new “organic,” this idea’s the next big thing.

By Adam Trunell & Derek Doneen
August 26, 2011

Y’know how our beloved world cities are sorta packed to the gills with glass, steel, and concrete, leaving little room to cultivate life’s essentials, like healthy, organic produce?

Food from the Sky has a solution.

Food from the Sky from TakePart on Vimeo.

By putting a garden on a supermarket rooftop, where freshly-picked produce can stock shelves a mere 30 feet downstairs, Azul-Valarie Thome and Andrew Thornton transformed Thornton’s Budgens of Crouch End into a world’s first.

via Food from the Sky Lands on North London | TakePart – News, Culture, Videos and Photos That Make the World Better.

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